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HOW DUMB!!! Omaha Murderer Allegedly Tries To Carve ‘666’ Into His Forehead, Carves ‘999’ Instead


A man found guilty of killing four people in Nebraska allegedly attempted to carve the number “666” into his forehead, but ended up botching the job.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, 28-year-old Nikko Jenkins told Douglas County District Judge Peter Bataillon during a recent telephone hearing that he “self-mutilated” by trying to carve the symbolic number — known as the “number of the beast” in the Biblical book of Revelation — into his forehead.

Jenkins did this “because he is not receiving treatment for his purported mental illness.”

Jenkins then reportedly told the judge that he made a mistake in his carving. He apparently got confused as he was looking into a mirror and ended up cutting the 6s backwards, leaving him with three upside-down 9s.

Jenkins pleaded no contest to four counts of first-degree murder and eight weapons charges. Last April, he was found guilty of fatally shooting four people in Omaha, Nebraska, over a 10-day period in 2013.

Jenkins is scheduled to face a death penalty hearing in July. Sentencing was initially delayed because of questions over Jenkins’ mental health, KETV reported.

Doctors are reportedly split over whether or not Jenkins has schizophrenia. Jenkins has said that he receives orders from a “serpent god,” but prosecutors maintain that the man is faking in an attempt to escape punishment.

Bataillon has ruled Jenkins competent to participate in the upcoming hearing. As the World-Herald notes, however, it’s unclear whether Jenkins will attempt to use this incident of self-mutilation to avoid it.

Source: Huffngton Post

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1 Comment

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