Hollywood Gets Put On Blast By Elijah Wood Says It’s Gripped By A Powewful Pedophile Ring

FINALLY!!!  Someone is speaking up about what’s going on in Hollywood and they’re not afraid of being ostracized because they’re talking. Hollywood is the biggest beast there is and anybody who feels they have a talent and can make it will have to go and deal with the ugly beast and all that it has to offer and hopefully they have the courage to not fall victim to the “okey doke” and sell their souls for fame.

Children are the largest victims of prey in Tinsletown as the actor Elijah Wood has spoken out with claims that young actors in Hollywood are being sexually abused by predatory high-powered ‘vipers’ working in the industry.

Elijah Wood

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EarHustle411 posted a story about Jimmy Savile a well known Britush figure knighted by the Queen, had been rumored to have abused dozens of child actors and upon his death the truth came out that the claims against him were valid and the government and media covered it up.

Wood credits his mother for keeping him protected from the “vipers” of Tinsletown and his claims about Hollywood bring back the thoughts about what many refer to as the Illuminati. A group of the very wealthy to be in control of everything that moves including Hollywood. In addition, it’s also has been rumored that those who have spoken against it ultimately have signed their death warrants.  Prince, Michael Jackson and Aaliyah to name a few have has speculation of the Illuminati being involved with their deaths but that a different post.  The longtime speculation about what goes on behind the closed doors of the entertainment industry and Wood’s claims just may start to penetrate that thick wall of silence and shine the spotlight on the powers that be in Hollywood.

EarHustle411 wants to know your thoughts about Elijah Wood’s claims.  Let us know what you think!!

To read more about Elijah Wood’s bold claims click here.



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