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Healthy Hair Tips: Transitioning From Processed Hair To Natural Hair

I came across this YouTube video and it features a set of twins who videotaped themselves and they shared their experience when they transitioned from having “relaxed” or chemically processed hair to natural hair.  I can say this is something that I would feel comfortable trying.  I have not had a relaxer or any harsh chemicals in my hair for quite a few years, so it was very interesting to watch this.

These beautiful young ladies go by Glamtwinz334 on YouTube and watching them share their experience and providing tips on transitioning was very interesting.  They didn’t press the issue for the viewer to do what they did, but the ladies did provide some helpful ways for someone who is thinking about or is frustrated with the process of going natural.  Funny thing they mentioned they didn’t even know they had curly hair because they had been using chemicals since they were 9 years old.  I can most certainly relate to that!!


It is refreshing to see young African-American young ladies sharing their experiences with others on a positive note.  I wish the girls much success.

Check out the video: How We Transitioned From Relaxed To Natural Hair

Source: YouTube


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