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Health News: Do You Have A Skin Disorder That You Need Serious Help With, Coach Kelly Can Help You

Health News: Do You Have A Skin Disorder That You Need Serious Help With, Coach Kelly Can Help You

Ear Hustle 411 came across this interesting information and we just had to share with our fans.

Often times we are misdiagnosed and given medicine to treat an illness that’s just not there. the side effects of those medicines are often times worse that the illness or disease itself.

We caught up with Coach kelly who used herself as an example to show the world that many of the issues with the skin are often from the foods we eat.

Here what she had to say and check out her video below:

Have you ever experienced a skin disorder? If so, you don’t want to miss this Webinar. Ancestral Medicinals and Coach Kelley have created a power packed Webinar with the secrets to heal Lichen Planus, Psoriasis, and other skin disorders. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS…If you have Belly Fat or Overweight (waste) Digestive Problems (i.e. Constipation) Brain Fog or Forgetfulness
Skin Problems, Athlete’s Feet, Toenail Fungus, or Alopecia, YOU SHOULD ATTEND…

Have you watched my video on Lichen Planus and Leaky Gut? If not, click play below when you finish reading. The video went viral on FB and viewed almost 300,000 times. What’s more, since my diagnosis, I have worked diligently to find out what causes skin disorders and how to cure them. What I found was profoundly disturbing, yet, very astonishing to read. It amazes me that the FDA, the Healthcare Industry withhold the truth from us for the purpose of money. Healthcare/ Medicine has never been for healing purposes as doctors treat symptoms and not the whole body.

I discovered the cure and no; I am not a doctor as I do not claim to practice medicine. In fact, nothing I say has been approved by the FDA. However, my experience speaks for itself, and I want to share all that I have discovered with you. Please register above by clicking “BUY NOW” as this 2 hour Webinar will not only save you more trips to the hospital but lots of money.

Let me tell you this. I know what it feels like to burn from the inside, unable to wear clothes, feel ashamed, scratch until I can’t scratch anymore. And what about that scratch you cannot reach? Yes, I know, I cried like a baby. Many nights in pain as I could not sleep. I shook and shivered as the itch tortured me. That burn felt like hot ants walking all over my body. Does any of that sound familiar? Maybe, maybe not. But let me share this with you. Last year, I created a Vision Board that had a real cigarette on it with an ‘X’ through it, the words “become a vegan,’ eat right, green juices and health now. I took that vision board down and created the one below.

Follow me on this. I never explicitly stated how I wanted to attain my goals on the Vision Board, I just posted them, looked at them daily and envisioned myself having all the existed on that board. Well, where am I today? I haven’t had a cigarette for almost five months. I’m very close to becoming a vegan as I do not eat pork, beef, fish, turkey or dairy. I’m working on the chicken (my favorite). I juice every day, and I’m a lot more fit than I was before developing Lichen Planus. I say all that to say, be careful what you wish for and when you wish, be specific as the Universe God) never says no. I am grateful I have experienced all that I have in the last eight months as without it I don’t know if I would be smoke-free and creating better health in my life. Your relationship with your body is your health. How is yours?

Today, my skin is clearing, I do not have flare ups, I sleep very well, and I have released almost twenty pounds. So, would you say Lichen Planus was a blessing from God? I would. Pain is power if you chose to remain peaceful in the middle of the storm. You have to find something positive, or you will continue to suffer. I created the video below to help others remove any shame and to assist in my healing. Every day it gets better emotionally, mentally and physically. Take a look at the images below.  Every area of hyperpigmentation on my body is clearing. YES!!!!!
Click HERE to register for the webinar May 31, 2017

See Additional Video HERE


To contact Coach Kelly personally, she can be reached at 773-419-3070

See video here:


Source:  Coach Kelly

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