Happy 116th Birthday To Jeralean Talley; The World’s Oldest Person

jeralean talley

EarHustle411 loves to report great news and this story would be no different.  A black woman named Jeralean Talley turns 116 today.  Last month she was given the title as The World’s Oldest Person…how cool is that!!

Ms Talley resides in Inkster, MI and it’s been said that one has a better chance of winning the lottery than reaching the age Jeralean has reached. Her fabulous life spans over 3 centuries.  In that timeframe alone, Jeralean has seen so many historic moments.  According to 11Alive, Ms Talley still leads an active life, she still attend her church, and she can recall bowling a 200 the last time she hit the lanes.

Jeralean provides great advice and wisdom in how she has been able to reach the ripe young age of 116:

Advice Jeralean Talley has passed on to friends and family

  1. “Treat people how you want to be treated.”

  2. “Always do what’s right.”

  3. “You can never, ever pray enough.”

jeralean talley

EarHustle411 could agree with Jeralean more, this thing called life really isn’t about US and it’s clear Jeralean grasped that concept many years ago!!

EarHustle411 wished a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jearlean Tally, enjoy all of your upcoming festivities, may God keep blessing you with many more years to come!


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1 Comment

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