Gospel Singer Erica Campbell Posts Warning About Scriptures Being Removed From The NIV Bible Version; Is This A Big Deal Or Not??

EarHustle411 came across a post on Facebook by famed Gospel Artist Erica Campbell urging people to discontinue their use of the NIV version of their bibles because the company that publishes them are not publishing a complete bible.  It seems as though several scriptures have been deleted from the version.  Her post has gotten some people pretty hot and bothered and they feel like she should have done her research.

Take a look at her Facebook post:

erica campbell facebook post

The Bible is always one of those topics that is under on going scrutiny.  There are so many different translations of the Bible it’s hard for one to keep up.  We have taken a look at our digital version of the Bible and for sure some of the scriptures were indeed gone however we found it was not just the NIV version.

Take a look at a screenshot a digital copy of the Bible, GNT (Good News Translation) pay close attention to the icon after verse 20


Matthew Chapter 17:20-22 GNT Version (Good News Translation)



We found that after clicking on a small icon we were able to see the missing verse. So let’s just have a purposeful discussion what are your thoughts on Bible versions that have missing verses?



  1. patricia

    July 13, 2015 at 8:15 PM

    That’s why I love the King James Version. From the time the new versions have been out I didn’t like the idea of the way the scriptures were being put to have a different meaning or even adding or taking out words or scriptures. I am not surprised by this.

  2. Joseph

    July 16, 2015 at 11:17 AM

    The King James Version, although the most accurate at its time of printing, has been updated and corrected (in other versions) as much older biblical texts were discovered since it was first published. These much older texts, and there was not just one but multiple discoveries, did not contain some of the verses the KJV has. As the Holy Word was translated over and over throughout the years, human error or the views of the translator could influence those translations. As a Christian I would want the MOST accurate version available. If there was a text discovered that was hundreds of years earlier than the ones used to create the KJV, it is logical to believe that that text would much more closer to the ORIGINAL and I would want that version.

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