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Google’s Robotic Company Is Showcasing Their Latest Robot Model “Atlas”, Claims It’s A Step Ahead of Robotics Industry

Google's Robotic Company Is Showcasing their Latest Robot Model "Alas", Claims It's A Step Ahead of Robotics Industry

Boston Dynamics, the company that creates robots for Google, presented today (Wednesday) its latest development- “Atlas.” The robot was able to walk outside, despite the snow conditions. Boston Dynamics employees also challenged him by pushing and abusing him but Atlas still completed his mission.

Atlas is about 175 centimeters tall and according to Boston Dynamics, he is the most developed and advanced robot today in the civil and military robotics divisions. Atlas is able to pick up items that weigh dozens of kilograms.

The most impressive moment of the video is when Atlas is pushed and falls on his stomach. This move would most likely paralyze most robots but Atlas pushed himself up with his arms. When he completely stood up, he continued working on his mission. According to reports, Atlas is equipped with highly sensitive sensors that help him navigate and maintain balance.

Source: Jerusalemonline

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