The Golden State Warriors Are Allegedly Going To Skip The Visit To The White House

After every NBA Championship, it’s customary that the team make that visit to the Oval Office to shake hands and rub elbows with the President.   It is definitely no secret of how many people including celebrities are feeling about the current administration, to the point where they are not apt to visit at all.

Reports are circulation that the new crowned NBA Champion Golden State Warriors have “unanimously” declined to visit the White House.  Although there has not been an “official” statement release from the team, coaches or the owner.

If the team has in fact agreed unanimously to skip the visit, it would most certainly be a historic move as no sports team has ever made a decision such as what’s possibly pending.  There have been a few athletes who made choices to not attend on their own but never an entire team.

We shall continue to “keep our ears to the streets” for more details.

This is still a developing story, EarHustle411 will post updates as they are confirmed and released by the team.

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