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Get Twisted Fashion: Let’s Talk Spring 2014

Now that the snow has falling all we can think about is getting away. So let’s set our eyes on spring, fashion and the colors we will be immersed in for 2014.


So ‘Let’s Talk Fashion‘ Street fashion that is…… The look of fashion for the spring was all inspired by the ordinary fashion diva. Ideals from the streets of city like Chicago, Boston, London, New York, and Stockholm.  Designer took a look at what people were wearing on the streets and began to create. New trends and styles that spoke to what they saw.  Fashion that represent what the average person wants to wear. This brought about fashion with lots of color, movement and style for spring.


spring 2014

The flavor on the streets this spring will be a mix of color and shine, the look of a Fashion Diva. Remember color, color, color add blue pumps with a pastel blue top, white jacket and a black sequence skirt. Add a large sequence clutch of another color and……Bam…….. you’ve got a look to die for.

 spring 2014

Oh yes, things that swing for spring, you are going to love the movement that you get with Fringe……. There is nothing better in Fashion then motion. It’s a statement and these days that’s all we want to do is make a statement. Because that’s what trend-setters do, Give’EM something to talk about. This look is sophisticated flirty and fun it makes me think Roaring 20’s………sweet.

spring 2014

Let’s Talk Color‘……..Cation Yellow and Blood Orange is a great color to pair together……… this screams spring. You could do Cation Yellow And Tangerine or Lime even Cobalt Blue these are just some of the colors you will be wearing this spring.  So mix these colors at will have fun with them……….Refreshing.

spring 2014

The great thing about spring is it brings out as the ‘STYLIST‘ in all of us. Mixing colors and patterns is what creates trends. Lots of prints this year……what a treat for the eye. The mix of strips and Floral can create something to talk about. This year fashion is alive; there is nothing ordinary about the look of 2014.

As the streets-would-have-it this spring and summer will be all about……showing some skin……and skin is back in. We are going to show off those flat tummies we worked all winter to get. With the trend of Inverse Shirt Buttoning You can add a color tee or tank top under the shirt, to create the layered look. For those of us who don’t want to show skin……..either way this look is in.

Not since the 1980’s has fashion talked back to us with the trend of slogans……..but this spring Word-Play is in again. I love the twist this year the sheer give it style, slogans with a hint of sexy ……..nice.

You can play this look down or wear it out on the town, whatever you choose the look is………….’Street Hot




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