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To Get A Husband…Female Church Members Undress At Pastor’s Request & Allow Him To Kiss Their Butts

Everything about this story seems fake to me. It is outlandishly over the top in presentation, paints women in a desperate light of needing a man, and comes from an obscure source on the internet, which hasn’t been verified by any additional sources. Then, why am I writing about it today?

Despite the story being so ridiculous, it is clear that many people would believe something like this could take place or are so desperate in their lives that they are hoping it is real. As if the obvious misery of another to do something like this will actually make them feel better about their existence.

The story claims: It has been revealed that the pastor in this picture asked his female members who are spinsters to a beach where they were asked to undress and were kissed on their ass as a sign for them to receive their prospective husbands which they quickly agreed to.

pastor kissing butts

It is clear many people believe this story could actually be true because so many of us are blinded by our faith and would be willing to do any and everything our Pastors tell us to do (even undress on the beach and bend over). I think this points to the sad reality that we don’t have the same sort of respect or belief in the people following our faith as we once did.

History has taught us, there are people ready and willing to take advantage of the faithful at every turn. Yes, especially the Deacons and Pastors in the church.

We have routinely followed the fast talking, charismatic leaders. This has always been very dangerous, in my opinion, and something the black community should review. Shinning a light on our communities desire or need to believe, even this most ridiculous story, could possibly by true, might lead a few of us to consider our positions on faith and ensure we are following the right messages and people.

After all, why do you follow the Pastor so blindly if the ultimate relationship we desire is with God? And as we should know, you can and should have your own individual, personal relationship with your God.

Source: Urban Intellectuals

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