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George Zimmerman Injured In Road Rage Shooting In Florida

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George Zimmerman’s attorney says he suffered minor injuries in a shooting in central Florida Monday after the controversial gunslinger allegedly waved a gun at another man during an “ongoing dispute,” a 911 caller said.

A bullet fired at the 31-year-old in Lake Mary missed his head but sprayed him with glass and other debris from his vehicle, his attorney Don West said.

Zimmerman, who was famously acquitted in the shooting death of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin, was released from a local hospital shortly after being treated, he said.

Kenneth Cornell, a nearby worker who said he called 911 for Zimmerman’s shooter about 1 p.m., said the man readily confessed to what he had done.

“He said, ‘please call 911, please call 911, I just shot George Zimmerman,’” Cornell, 45, told The Daily News. “He said, ‘I’ve had three disputes with George Zimmerman and this time he waved a gun at me and this time I shot him.”

“Being in shock, I then called 911 and I said there’s been a shooting here,” Cornell said.

“He was distressed. You could tell … he was shaking. He was definitely shaking and frazzled,” Cornell said of the alleged shooter he identified as Matthew Apperson.

At a press conference police confirmed Apperson’s suspected role in the shooting as well as his involvement in a road-rage incident with Zimmerman back in September.


In that dispute, also in Lake Mary, Apperson told police Zimmerman threatened to kill him. Two days later he called 911 to report that Zimmerman was waiting outside his workplace.

Cornell described that location as near where Tuesday’s shooting took place.

Photos taken at a nearby road captured a dark-colored pickup truck, believed to belong to Zimmerman, with a single bullet hole in its passenger-side window.

Video showed him exiting the vehicle to an awaiting ambulance, parked just a few feet away.

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As of Monday evening, Public Information Officer Bianca Gillett said no arrests have been made or charges filed and they are still waiting to speak with both Apperson and Zimmerman.

She additionally said they have yet to determine “how or why” the incident took place, as well as exactly where.

Whether Zimmerman was armed at the time as claimed is unconfirmed as well, Gillett said.

Zimmerman’s latest bout with the law comes just a few months after the three-year anniversary of Martin’s February 17 shooting death, which led to mass demonstrations and rioting across the country.

The former neighborhood watchman was later acquitted by a jury of second-degree murder after claiming he shot the teen in self-defense.

Since the teen’s death, Zimmerman has had several run-ins with the law, including his most recent for allegations of domestic violence involving a girlfriend.

Charges related to that January incident, like others, have not stuck.

Source: NY Daily News

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