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“George Zimmerman & Girlfriend Picks up Guns From Police Lock-Up”


Per Global Grind; The couple that shoots together, stays together.

Or something like that. George Zimmerman and girlfriend Samantha Scheibe were spotted out and about on Thursday headed to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department to pick up Scheibe’s guns.

If you recall, both Zimmerman and Scheibe’s weapons were seized in November when Zimmerman was arrested for domestic violence. Police seized three handguns, a semiautomatic rifle and the shotgun that Scheibe had claimed Zimmerman used to threaten her.

Zimmerman was facing charges of aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief following the Nov. 18 incident, but at Scheibe’s request, authorities dropped all criminal charges.

And now things are pretty normal in the Zimmerman/Scheibe household. Zimmerman is free and they both have their guns back.

The saga continues….

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