Gang Raped Teen Sentenced To 10 Years To Life In Prison For Killing Her Newborn Baby

Gloria Santos Mendoza

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Gloria Santos Mendoza, 19, the teen who was convicted of killing her newborn baby in California two years ago, walked in the courtroom Wednesday to hear her fate.

The judge sentenced Mendoza to 10 years to life with possibility of parole after serving six years in prison
“In this case, I believe justice was truly done,” said David Linn, Madera County District Attorney.

It all began when Mendoza started her trip north from her hometown of Guerrero, Mexico. Her trip then turning into a horrific tragedy after she was gang raped by four suspects in Tijuana.

Mendoza later gave birth to her baby girl in a bathroom in Madera. She denied having the baby even after being admitted to the hospital with postpartum bleeding.

Investigators found the baby’s body stuffed underneath the bathroom sink.

Mendoza’s attorney, Ralph Torres, said she has no memory of giving birth or killing the baby girl.

Two doctors providing reports more than 50 pages long stating Mendoza was insane at the time.

“When you read it, you can understand what happened. What she was thinking. Her thought process. I have a lot of empathy for her,” said Torres.

Madera County District Attorney said it has been a long two years handling this case. He said the biggest issue has been the language barrier and mixteco translators were used to communicate.

Linn said Mendoza didn’t seem to initially understand what she had done, but throughout the trial showed remorse and that ultimately, justice was served appropriately.

“It’s our job to prosecute cases through the people. I believe people in the state of California have a heart and they want us to do justice in every case– sometimes that requires to be compassionate.”

Mendoza’s attorney said she will continue her sentence, and if she is released after her six years she will be deported.

Source: ABC News

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