Funk Master Flex Goes In After R. Kelly Fails To Appear For Interview


Funk Master Flex decided to go in on R. Kelly this past Monday because he failed to appear for an interview. He went to twitter throwing jabs at the singer. Many of R. Kelly supporters responded to the tweets, however there have not been any response from the singer himself.

This is not the first time that the two have not been able to see eye to eye. Flex goes in on Kells back in 2008 after he is acquittal of child pornography. Check out Flex rant below and also the video that started the feud.

[iframe id=”api.zippyshare.com/api/player.swf?file=96872343&server=43&baseurl=http://api.zippyshare.com/api/&flashid=zs_player96872343&autostart=false&availablequality=both&bordercolor=#CCCCCC&forecolor=#000000&backcolor=#E8E8E8&darkcolor=#000000&lightcolor=#4E8975″]

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