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Funeral Service For 4 Siblings Killed By Their Own Father While Mother Was Forced To Watch

More than 1,000 people filled a Detroit church on Friday to say goodbye to four precious children who were brutally murdered in front of their own mother.

Gregory Green, 49, allegedly killed his two biological daughters and two teenage stepchildren a month after his wife Faith Green filed for divorce.

Authorities said Green tortured Faith, tying her up, cutting her face and then shooting her in the foot before then shooting dead his two stepchildren while she watched.

He killed his two young children with car exhaust and them put in back in their beds, dead.

A week after that horrific night of violence, Chadney Allen, 19, Kara Allen, 17, Koi Green, 5, and four-year-old Kaleigh Green are being laid to rest.

The funeral of four siblings who were allegedly killed in their home by Gregory Green, a father to two of the children and a step-father to the two others

Green allegedly attacked his wife Faith Green before killing Chadney Allen, 19, Kara Allen, 17, Koi Green, 5, and four-year-old Kaleigh Green (all pictured here) 

Faith Green (pictured lower-center) was helped back to her seat before the service began. Her husband allegedly tortured her and shot her in the foot before killing her two teenage children

The service was held at the Detroit First Church of Nazarene and lasted two hours.

Family members could be seen helping Faith, who is recovering from her injuries, to her seat before the service.

Chadney Allen Sr was also present to say goodbye to his two children.

A letter Faith wrote to her children was read during the service, according toThe Detroit News.

‘I know your love,’ she wrote. ‘My dear babies I love you all. You were always unique in your own way.’

Faith described Chadney Allen Jr as her ‘little big man’ who loved to give tight hugs.

He had recently graduated from the Specs Howard School of Broadcasting with a certificate in Digital Media Arts.

Green (pictured in court on Thursday) previously served 15 years in prison for the murder of his pregnant wife 25 years ago

Four hearses could be seen rolling up to the Detroit First Church of Nazarene on Friday 

Faith said Kara was a go-getter, an honor student and a cheerleader.

‘Princess Koi’ loved to dress up and be the center of attention while her sister Kaleigh enjoyed ballet and singing.

Pink and white teddy bears hung from open caskets and Gregory Green’s name was not mentioned during the priest’s eulogy.

‘Satan and dark angels did this,’ said Apostle Ron Shepherd to the crowd.

Funeral costs were taken care of by the O.H. Pye III Funeral Home, who donated their services.

‘This was such a horrific event, we had to do something,’ executive director Ozie H Pye IV told the Detroit Free Press.

‘I’ve never seen anything like this before.’

A letter Faith wrote to her children was read during the service. 'I know your love,' she wrote. 'My dear babies I love you all. You were always unique in your own way'

'Princess Koi' loved to dress up and be the center of attention while her younger sister Kaleigh (both pictured together) enjoyed ballet and singing

Green has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder as well as assault with intent to do great bodily harm, torture, unlawful imprisonment, felonious assault and felony firearm.

His court-appointed lawyer from https://mirandarightslawfirm.com/ is planning a motion for an insanity defense.

It was recently revealed that Green had been released from prison in 2008 after serving 15 years for killing his first wife Tonya, who was six months pregnant with their child.

Green served a sentence for second-degree murder after his wife was found stabbed to death in 1991. He had pleaded no contest in Wayne County court.

Police have said Green confessed to killing his four children during a 911 call.

Authorities said he did the exact same thing after killing his wife, calling police and waiting to arrive before letting them into his home.

Faith Green (pictured),  was found shot and slashed in the basement with her two older children

Green had been denied parole four times because he showed ‘no remorse for his crime, had not gained adequate insight and had a lack of empathy’, according to Wayne County Sheriff spokesman Chris Gautz.

On September 21 Green called 911 and said he had killed four people at his Dearborn Heights home.

Police arrived around 1.20am and discovered that the four children had been attacked and killed in different ways.

Kara Allen and Chadney Allen were found dead and bound in the basement after being shot execution style.

Green’s daughters Kaleigh Green and Koi were found dead in their beds after they were asphyxiated by carbon monoxide fumes in a car, police said.

Their father had reportedly manipulated the tail pipe of the car, killing the children with exhaust fumes.

He then placed the young children back into bed on the ground floor of the home, police said.

The car where the young children were asphyxiated was parked outside the home and had a hose hooked to the exhaust that was routed into the car.

Police administered CPR before the children were taken to hospital, but they did not survive.

Faith Green was discovered in the basement by police and was taken to a hospital.

Victim Kara Allen, 17, pictured, stepdaughter of the suspect

Victim Chadney J Allen, 19, stepson of the suspect

 Green’s 17-year-old stepdaughter Kara Allen (left) and 19-year-old stepson Chadney J Allen (right) were found dead and bound in the basement after being shot execution style

Police have not cited a motive but the killings appear to have stemmed ‘from a domestic violence-type situation,’ Dearborn Heights police Capt Michael Petri said.

Records show Faith Green had filed for divorce in August.

She cited a ‘breakdown in the marriage relationship’ in the filing in Wayne County Court.

Records show she also filed for divorce from Gregory Green in 2013 but no further action was taken.

Faith had asked for a personal protection order that same year but it was turned down by a judge.

Her divorce lawyer, Harvey Beck, spoke briefly with the Associated Press, calling the deaths ‘a terrible situation’ but declining further comment.

In the past, police have reportedly responded to the home for domestic violence and family troubles.

Green completed several cognitive-based programs and was paroled in 2008,’ Gautz told the newspaper.

He was released from parole in April 2010 after spending 16 years in prison.

Following his release, Green stayed out of trouble until the recent murders.

The Free Press reported that Green was issued a learner’s permit for a commercial driver’s license in Michigan on September 1.

Mayor Dan Paletko, speaking near the home, called the killings ‘a tragedy in every sense of the word’.

Neighbors described the family as quiet and hardworking.

‘Just two or three weeks ago, they had a birthday party — balloons and all that stuff out there,’ Ronnie Jones told WXYZ-TV.

‘They’ve been working on the house the last two or three months.’

Source:    dailymail.co.uk

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