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Fox Reporter Lou Dobbs Encourages Skinny Kids To Bully Fat Kids To Make Them Lose Weight

Fox Reporter Lou Dobbs Encourages Skinny Kids To Bully Fat Kids To Make Them Lose Weight

Following Monday afternoon’s broadcast of the Fox News show where four women in short skirts sit on a big couch and talk about issues with some conservative dude, angry old white guy Lou Dobbs and the rest of the group spent nearly 10 minutes making fun of obese kids and pushing for it to be socially acceptable for normal-sized kids to make fun of fat children. The portion of the show, known as ‘Overtime,’ appeared on the network’s website after Outnumbered aired.

Earlier in the program, the panel spoke about a study that showed that a number of overweight teenagers think that they are the right size. As you would expect, the panel all blamed liberals for creating an environment where children and teens are coddled and told that they are perfect no matter what the look like. The feeling during the segment was that we as a society have gone too far in stopping body-shaming and bullying that we are making teens feel it is perfectly acceptable to be grossly overweight. There was also a fair amount of piling on of teachers and public schools, along with snide remarks about Michelle Obama and her attempts to curb childhood obesity.

Skip forward to the Overtime segment, and Dobbs decides he’s had enough of this progressive, namby-pamby, bullshit regarding making kids not getting fucked around with on the playground and in school. In his opinion, fat kids need to get treated like shit so that they’ll stop being fat. That’s the American way, goddammit! Especially since we can’t rely on public school teachers due to the fact that teachers have no concept of reality anymore. Yep, per Dobbs, teachers totally suck ass!

The funny thing about Dobbs and the rest of the panel railing on public schools is that if it wasn’t for all the long-term, systematic funding cuts to public education and the consistent push for charter/private schools, obesity among children may not be as big a problem. Whenpublic schools see funding cuts, they tend to get rid of extracurricular activities, athletics, gym class and the like first. Also, when pushing kids to pass standardized tests, time is taken away from recess. You know, the kinds of things that would create more physical activity for young kids and make them less fat!


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