Former Disney Star Orlando Brown Gets Into A Physical Fight With The Mother Of His Child On Social Media

Orlando Brown has been making headlines but not in the most positive way.  It seems he just cannot get it together.  He was on social media praising girlfriend to the high heavens and today he is bashing her like she was the worst thing to ever walk the earth.  Brown videotaped himself and the the woman while in an argument that went from a shouting match to a physical fight.  He kept saying to her that she was nothing and he “made” her and called her all kinds of b*tches.  Brown has unfortunately has not been relevant since the ending of the “That’s So Raven Show” and maybe that is the issue, who knows!!

Take a look:

When black men are constantly faced with criticism, this surely does not shed any positive light on them at all.  Something clearly is not right with Brown and he really needs to seek some help.  Well we guess we can expect a video of him apologizing for his behavior shortly.

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