Former Destiny’s Child Member Farrah Franklin Sets The Record Straight On her Departure From The Group

It’s been a minute since anyone has heard from Farrah Franklin former member of Destiny’s Child who became part of the group along with Michelle Williams after the abrupt exit of LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett, two former “original” “DC” group members.  There had always been some skepticism about her supposed “dismissal” from the group.  Well she speaks out and sets the record straight and exposes what may have been a cover-up on how many members left the group in less than six months.  Hmmm…wonder what the ladies of the defunct Destiny’s Child group has to say about this?  From what EarHustle411 has gathered from Farrah’s interview with VLAD TV, Michelle Williams seemed to be the only one concerned or cared that she was gone.  WOW…would be an understatement!!

Read more as reported by The Root:

farrah franklin

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Remember when Beyoncé gave that live interview to MTV back in the day, announcing Farrah Franklin‘s dismissal from Destiny’s Child?

Beyoncé said that it was a group decision, not management’s decision, and it was a result of Franklin having missed three major promotional tours.

Franklin revisited that ordeal in a recent interview with VLAD TV. She said that she had, in fact, quit the group before those promotional events, and that’s why she wasn’t at the shows. Franklin said that the story the remaining group members and management told the press was a lie to cover up how a third person was leaving Destiny’s Child in the span of six months.


“I’ve never missed a show, ever. Or else I would’ve got kicked out the group. You know how much I was getting paid for a show?” Franklin asked rhetorically.

“When I [left] the group, they weren’t honest with people to say that I left. They were trying to give themselves more time to clear the air. I’ve never missed a show, ever,” she maintained. “You can’t say that I’m missing shows if I’m no longer a part of the group anymore. That’s a lie. A bold-faced one.”

Source: The Root

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