Former Boxing Champion Evicts Mother From Home Purchased For Her

WTH!!! Another case of rags to riches back to rags.  Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker who apparently has blown through his money goes to court to have his mother evicted from the home he purchased for her over 30 years ago.   This is the ultimate “no-no” and extreme disrespect to the one that gave you life.  Check out the story as reported on ABC13 News Now:

Former welterweight boxer Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker was at one time the pride and joy of Hampton Roads.

The Norfolk native won a gold medal in the 1984 Olympics and went on to become one of the world’s greatest boxers.

But over the years, Whitaker was knocked out by substance abuse and numerous run-ins with the law. The man who was once a millionaire is now struggling to make ends meet. In an effort to recover financial losses, Whitaker has taken on an improbable opponent.

It is the case of Whitaker versus Whitaker.

Pernell Whitaker took his own mother to court Wednesday to clear the way for an eviction from the home he bought for her 30 years ago.


Pernell Whitaker and his mother along with the home she is being evicted from

Back in the 1990’s, Sweet Pea Whitaker was a millionaire. He moved into the high-end Church Point neighborhood of Virginia Beach and bought his mother a solid-brick home near the Botanical Garden in Norfolk.

Wingfield Road  was a long way from the Young Terrace public housing community where Novella Whitaker reared her seven children. But the 2500 Block of Wingfield Road is where the latest chapter in Whitaker’s life takes low blow.

In Norfolk General District Court, Whitaker filed an unlawful detainer against his 73-year-old mother. He is trying to evict her, and then sell the house to cash in on an estimated $200,000 worth of equity.

In a brief hearing, Whitaker and his lawyer, Bruce Gould , told Judge Gwendolyn Jackson the former boxer’s funds are drying up along with opportunities for him to work as a trainer. The mother blames the boxer, while the former boxer blames the mother for unpaid real estate tax bills that could lead to foreclosure.


Whitaker and his lawyer say the only way he can pay the bills is to sell the house, which according to Zillow.com, has an estimated value of more than $370,000.

“He just doesn’t have the income to sustain these kinds of losses now,”  said Gould.

After hearing arguments from both sides, Judge Jackson ruled in Pernell Whitaker’s favor and ordered Mrs. Whitaker to move out by March 31.

The former boxer’s mother says she’s heartbroken.

“I’m going to survive…I’m a survivor..I’m going with my daughter…she is taking me in,” said Novella Whitaker.

After hearing about the outcome of Wednesday’s hearing, Mrs. Whitaker’s grandson, former NFL player Ronyell Whitaker told 13 News Now he will make sure his grandmother is cared for.


Pernell Whitaker went about this matter all wrong, you do not take back a gift you gave to someone especially your mother because you fell on hard times. Who does that? Is he at because he did not have the common sense or should I say “cents” to know when to stop spending lavishly or is his mother at fault for assuming he would continue to pay.  Had he went about this situation differently his mother would have gladly helped him or moved because at the end of the day she is still your mother not some tenant living in a piece of property you own.  Each one is pointing the finger at the other in blame when in actuality both are to blame because it seems there was no a mutual understanding as to who was responsible for the taxes on the property.   It’s obvious Sweet Pea has his priorities screwed up and there’s no doubt that this turn of events has put a wedge in the family bond and at this point only faith in God can mend it.  


Source: ABC13 News


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