Former “Baywatch” star Alexandra Paul has just been ordered by a judge NOT to harass her stalker!!

Yes, you Heard it Right!!!  A judge has ordered a former Baywatch star, Alexandra Paul not to harass the same stalker that has been harrassing her.  Say it ain’t so!


Per TMZ,It all started back in 2011 … when Nicole Albrecht — a German citizen — and  her 8-year-old brother knocked on Alexandra’s door at her home in Pacific  Palisades and asked to use the bathroom.  Alexandra obliged.

A short  time later, Nicole showed up with a gift to thank Alexandra for the  hospitality.  But that wasn’t the end.  Alexandra says Nicole went  psycho, showing up 3 more times in a week. 

And then Nicole started  showing up at Alexandra’s gym and nearby pool.  At that point Alexandra and  her hubby went  to court and got a restraining order against Nicole.

Somehow  Alexandra and Nicole ended up in a room with a mediator, and they agreed  to stay clear of each other at the gym, the pool and Alexandra’s  home.

Fast forward to October.  The two women start running into  each other at the pool.  Alexandra pitches a fit, telling Nicole she has no  right to be there.  But Nicole fires back, she’s a member of the community  pool and Alexandra was horning in on HER space.

So Nicole went to court  and just got a restraining order against Alexandra, prohibiting the “Baywatch”  star from harassing, intimidating, molesting, attacking, striking, stalking,  threatening, assaulting, hitting, or abusing her at the cement pond.

By  the way, Alexandra ended up getting the same order against Nicole.

Plumb foolery the whole way around.

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