Flossmoor, IL Teen Accepted To 4 Ivy League Schools Chooses Yale

A couple weeks ago, a high school senior from New York got a lot of publicity for getting accepted into every Ivy League school. He chose Yale, where he will be in the freshman class with Desmond Amuh of Flossmoor.

Desmond was accepted into 13 prestigious colleges, including four Ivy League schools. Eyewitness News wanted to meet this young man before he heads off to college.

A talented musician, 18-year-old Desmond has been playing piano for most of his life. He also plays clarinet in the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, but music is just a part of his life.

He is also a serious student who graduated near the top of his class from Homewood Flossmoor High School last week. But despite his credentials, he was unsure about whether he would be accepted into a good college – so he applied to a lot of them.

“At first, I really got nervous, so that’s why I applied to so many schools. I applied to 14 schools when it was all said and done,” said Desmond.

He got accepted into 13 of them, but chose Yale because of their strong economics program and the opportunity to continue to play music.

“Yale has a great music program. I want to continue my music even though I plan to pursue a career in economics and political science,” said Desmond.

His parents are both doctors, and his proud grandmother says education has always been an important value in the family. Everyone pitches in at homework time.

“We really demonstrate a village here. We really do,” said Janet Poole, grandmother.

Desmond says he has been fortunate to have a lot of role models growing up, including President Obama, but he has other aspirations than being president.

“Maybe one day I’ll be the first African American chairman of the Federal Reserve,” said Desmond.

It costs about $60,000 a year to go to Yale, so Desmond is now pursuing scholarships and internships to help defray the cost. Being an economics major, he says he doesn’t want to graduate loaded down with debt.






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