A Fight To Benefit Children Brings Gospel Heavyweights To Wilmington, NC

Some of Gospel’s Greats will be descending on the City of Wilmington, NC, in an all out effort to benefit the children of Wilmington.  There is so much excitement buzzing around the MBN6 Gospel Concert and Sony Music Industry Showcase taking place on August 8 – 10, 2014 at the Wilmington North Carolina Convention Center.

Wilmington North Carolina Convention Center

Put together by MBN6’s Founder Kal Nwaneri and Co-Founder Jay Newkirk put the call out and when I tell you the “heavens opened up” for them and their plight and this event, it’s going to set the pace for future events in Wilmington.

kal nwaneri

Quite a few of Gospel’s greats will be hosting, speaking and providing positive critiques to Wilmington’s seasoned, independent and hopeful artists.  Hosting this amazing showcase will be none other than World Renown Grammy Award Winning Donald Lawrence.

Donald Lawrence

In addition to Donald Lawrence, other Gospel Artists who have signed on to be a part of this fabulous event are: Stellar Award Nominated Arnetta Murril-Crooms, Joshua Rogers, the youngest Male Recipient Winner of BET’s Sunday Best, Multi-Award Winning Artist Veronica Petrucci, Luther Barnes and Grammy Nominated Gospel Sensation Dottie Peoples.  I don’t doubt that there will be more of the big names in Gospel in attendance.

Wilmington, NC native Arnetta Murril-Crooms has been so elated about this event that she said in an interview with Radio Show Host Silivea J of Out of Bondage Music Radio Syndication:

the youth are encouraged to bring their gifts, talents and display them, avoid complacency and they can do something with their lives and not have to accept what is.”- Arnetta Murrill-Crooms

arnetta murrill crooms

I can’t agree with her more, it is so true that when our youth are involved and are given a platform to show what talents they’ve been blessed with by God, they won’t have time or the inkling to get involved in the negative things that plague their communities.  We have to reach and teach our children that FAILURE IS NEVER AN OPTION!!  Cutbacks in education and programs geared towards our youth should not be the end of supporting them.  We must do everything within our power to ensure that our youth are successful.

showcase logo

The streets are “winning” right now not just in Wilmington, NC, all over the country, but I know with through the power of the Jesus Christ, they won’t be winning for long. Joshua Rogers of Sunday Best knows exactly how important it is for youth to have positive options.  He says:

joshua rogers

“I think there’s so many out there that are talented buy we limit ourselves because of various reasons, but a dream can be made into a reality… With God at the forefront, we all are able to do things through Christ Jesus.” – Joshua Rogers BET’s Sunday Best

I could not have said that better myself and I agree 10000000%!!!

The event has a very low-cost but a BIG BENEFIT with each entry.  For $25.00 each ticket purchaser will have entry to the event all weekend, access to the workshops, they will be at the Red Carpet event and finale which is the concert.  Now where can you get all that for $25.00.  It does not stop there, Cumulus Broadcasting Station Program Director of WMNX 97.3FMBrandon “Big B” Hickman has agreed to offer free admission to the event for the workshop portions on Saturday, August 9, 2014 between the hours of 8:00am and 10:00am.  Can you say GOD IS GOOD….ALL THE TIME!!

Brandon "Bigg B" Hickman

Inspiration for the showcase came about by Jay Newkirk, Co-Founder of MBN6, wanting to something to “give back” to the community thus the idea was born.  He having been a troubled youth and seeking an opportunity to do better, he found it in the US NavyJay also obtained formal training in Computer Science and has had a hand in the music business for many years so giving back was on his spirit and he said in a recent interview with Out of Bondage Music Radio Syndication host Silivea J:

my heart is with the children…they do what they do because they don’t have any positive alternatives and that this event is MORE than just hitting the stage and performing” – Jay Newkirk, MBN6

Jay Newkirk

This showcase is open to all seasoned independent artist, dancers, spoken word lyricists, and groups.  All of this in the name of combating youth illiteracy, bullying and violence.  I believe that with the power of God in the mix of this great event, they will achieve victory!!  Who knows the next AWARD WINNING ARTIST, DANCER, SPOKEN WORD LYRICIST may be amongst those “hopefuls” who will finally get their chance to “show their stuff” and get positive feedback from those who’ve achieved greatness in their respective careers.


Thank God for the vision of Kal Nwaneri and Jay Newkirk, I am convinced that with the two of then at the helm of this wonderful opportunity for the youth of Wilmington, NC, this will be the event to set the standard for other events like it to occur and bring the world of music to the same level of success to the area just as movies has been able to do.  When people all get on one accord under the direction of the Holy Spirit, there’s NOTHING that can stop them from achieving their desired potential and goals.

For more information about the event and to buy tickets or to register for the showcase to the event go to www.mbn6.com/gospel


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