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Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson Issues An Apology To Michael Brown’s Family & To Protesters

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Chief Tom Jackson of the Ferguson, Missouri Police has issued an official apology to Slain teen Michael Brown’s family for the death of their son and for leaving his body in the streets for over 3 hours while they did their investigation.

 He also issued an apology for those that were there to protest peacefully and felt that their constitutional rights were violated as they do have the right to demonstrate without being shot with rubber bullets and tear gas.

Chief Jackson also spoke of those that were looting and destroying personal property as many of the looters were not even from Ferguson, he addressed that situation with contempt and disdain.

Although it took 6 weeks to apologize which is 6 weeks too long, It’s better than not apologizing at all.  The media was brutally attacked as well and he made no mention of spraying them with rubber bullets and tear gas.

The people of Ferguson’s main goal is to see that officer Darren Wilson is arrested and charged with murder and they won’t rest until that is done.  Although there are claims that Officer Wilson was hurt in the fiasco between himself and Michael Brown,  many are not buying his story and feel as thought there is some type of conspiracy to cover up the actions of Officer Wilson.

Ear Hustle 411 will keep you all posted with any updates!!

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