“Fantasia’s Baby Daddy Reconciles With His Wife”

There was a rumor that Antwan Cook and his wife Paula Cook plotted to take Fantasia to the bank with a deliberate plan the two mastermind when Paula tried to Sue Fantasia $100,000.00 for alienation of affection from her husband. The judge ruled against Paula stating the marriage was over and the couple were living separately before Fantasia started dating Antwan. Fantasia did have a baby by Antwan against her family wishes and fell off for a brief moment. It appears everyone is doing o.k and the drama as we know it has died down. 


Antwan will have to pay child support for his child which means he will still be in the presence of Tasia, who knows maybe he will dip back and try to straddle both sides of the fence. Let’s hope neither woman give him that much rope to hang himself. 

Rumor has it that Antwan’s dad passed away around this time of the year and he decided he wanted to do the best thing for his family. 

So where does this leave Fantasia? Fantasia is happy and allegedly single, according to Radar Online, Antwan rolled back home to his wife and is trying to be a stand up man.


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