Fans Of Fox News Heard Malia Obama Was Going To Harvard So They Called Her A Ni@@er, Ape & A Monkey (SCREENSHOTS)

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If case you have not heard, Malia Obama is once again proving herself to be a smart young woman. Recently, Malia made headlines when she translated for her father during a trip to Cuba — something that earned her a lot of irrational hatred from conservatives. Now, she is in the news again for accomplishing something many parents wish for their kids: she got herself accepted to Harvard.

While is is certainly good news — that the oldest of the First Daughters is following in her father’s footsteps and becoming a successful human being, that still isn’t enough for Fox News’ racist fans. After the right-wing propaganda network masquerading as a news agency reported that Malia (who can’t so much as look at a school or even wear a t-shirt without becoming the target of insane right-wing harassment), will be going to a good school, conservatives lost their minds and responded with such vitriol that Fox had to shut down the comments section on the article.

The White House announced the good news on Sunday. Fox reported:

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Malia is the eldest of the Obamas’ two daughters. She’s 17 and a senior at the exclusive Sidwell Friends School in the District of Columbia.

She’s set to graduate high school in June, then celebrate her 18th birthday on the Fourth of July.

Obama recently said he turned down an invitation to speak at Malia’s high school graduation because his emotions would get the best of him.

Malia decided on Harvard after visiting at least a dozen colleges, ultimately deciding to attend the school where her father earned his degree. Before she does this, she will take a year off school like many young people choose to do before going to college.

There’s nothing controversial about this at all. She did nothing wrong, but if you were to judge from the comments that flooded the website soon after the article went up, you would think she performed an abortion while marrying two undocumented immigrants inside a church while taking the congregants’ guns and stomping on a flag. Readers called her a “n*gger,” a “monkey,” an “ape,” and made it very clear that her skin color is something they consider important in determining her worth as a human being.

Already, the Stupid Part of America suspects that she was granted special favors, that her blackness prevents her from getting grades good enough to earn her a spot at the prestigious school:

This is just one example of the Right attacking President Obama’s children. Malia became the subject of assaults after it was rumored that she had a couple drinks at a party while visiting Brown University. Whether or not she did is unknown, but conservatives decided that a.) she’s guilty and b.) for doing what many teenagers do, she is literally the devil. Another time, a photograph of her wearing a t-shirt featuring the words, “Pro Era,” the name of a rap label made her a target. When she was younger, conservatives even photoshopped an image of the President touching Sasha inappropriately, then presented it as fact. Sadly, it was well-received by the right. Malia can’t even get a job without being smeared as an “affirmative action loser.”

Malia Obama is a classy lady, no matter what these inbred taint-barnacles say. It’s disgusting that Obama’s more hateful critics can’t so much as have the decency to avoid attacking his children. The Obamas have faced more irrational bigotry than have any other presidential family in history — and this is certainly not OK.


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