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Family Of Killed Gun Instructor Has Message For The 9-Year Old Shooter

gun instructor's famiy

The grieving family of the Arizona instructor accidentally shot and killed by a nine-year-old girl have penned an emotional letter to her — and in an act of touching kindness, they’re offering their prayers and forgiveness.

“You’re only 9-years-old,” wrote the four children of the slain instructor, 39-year-old Charles Vacca. “We think about you. We are worried about you. We pray for you, and we wish you peace. Our dad would want the same thing.”

The nine-year-old and her family were vacationing in Las Vegas when the fatal incident occurred. The instructor was accidentally shot Aug. 25 at the Last Stop range when the young girl lost control of a Uzi submachine gun.

“Our dad would want you to know that you should move forward with your life. You should not let this define you. Someday we hope we can meet you, hug you, and tell you that it’s okay,” they added.

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