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Exodus Movie Banned In Egypt And Morocco Due To Historical Inaccuracies

exodus movie

Exodus: Gods and Kings sparked plenty of controversy over its casting choices.

The decision for the biblical epic to feature white actors in its major roles has been referred to as Hollywood “whitewashing” and has reportedly led to its removal from theaters in Egypt and Morocco.

The film has reportedly been banned because of “historical fallacies,” according to an Egyptian censorship board official.

Tambay A. Obenson over at Shadow and Act did some sleuth work:

The managers of the Renaissance cinema in Rabat (Morocco) said they were told the ban was nationwide, reported TelQuel magazine, the French-Language weekly Moroccan paper.

Meanwhile, Egyptian censorship board head Abdul Sattar Fathy said, in a released statement (courtesy of Egyptian news portal, Mobtada), that the ban was not just about religion. “It contains historical fallacies,” he said, adding that the movie depicts Moses as if he were a general in an army, instead of a prophet (Moses is considered a prophet in Islam, and conservative Islamic traditions find depictions of prophets in all works of art offensive).

Exodus claimed the No. 1 spot at the box office earlier this month, but some critics have called its opening $25 million haul a “flop.”

The film’s production budget topped $140 million, according to Box Office Mojo.

Source: The Grio

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