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Exclusive Interview:Chicago’s Own R & B Songstress De La Faye Shows Us That R & B Is Still Alive

De La Faye

Chicago is a city that is full of so much talent and there are so many artist that’s working hard to make a name for themselves and putting their name on the map. Earhustle411 has interviewed several Chicago artist because we want to place light on our city and show the world that we can be known for more than being crabs in a barrel. We were ear hustling around the internet and came across a beautiful talented writer and singer name De La Faye.

De La Faye is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana and is making a lot of moves in Chicago.  She was destined to be a singer, after all both her mother and grandfather were musicians. De La Faye’s sound is soulful, sultry and takes you back in time when real music was music.  She opens up to EarHustle411 about her musical journey, her love of music and her thoughts about Chicago’s infamous nickname Chi-Raq.  Let’s take a peek into her world and see what she had to say.

De La Faye

Can you tell our reader where you are from and how did that have an effect on your music?

I am from Indianapolis, Indiana and I grew up around music.  My mother sang in a band called “Versatile” with my grandfather was the lead guitar player and her friend did back up as a Rapper at the time.  My mother eventually branched off from the rapper and began her solo career with her friend as back up focusing more on R&B. I was fairly young and use to sit during their rehearsals in my grandfather’s garage and just absorbed everything that was going on; of course the music bug eventually bit me.

Couple of years later my mom decided to dedicate more of her time to god and quit the band. As I was beginning to be raised in a god fearing home certain music wasn’t allowed. Rap was one of genere of music I couldn’t listen to but what people don’t know is I started off writing raps lol. My mom would find them and they were EXTREMELY VULGAR. She use to whoop my a** lol.

Eventually I found another way to channel my creativity and started writing poems. and my mom was more accepting. I always could carry a tune but I would say it wasn’t until I was maybe 14 that everyone realized I could really sing. I started turning my poems into songs and I actually remember my first song “My Best Friend” lol so cheesy.  Anyway long story short  around the age of 17. I linked up with a producer named “Boss” who really brought out my talent and help me become serious and channel who I was to become,  it was with him when I came up with the Name “DeLaFaye” and that’s when it all began

Music is all around us and it can influence us in many ways, who were some of your musical influences and why?

Well ,I’ve always been a lover of old school music since I was younger because my mother also. Some of my old school influences would be Gladys Knight, Anita Baker (my favorite), Rochelle FarrellChaka Kahn , Aretha Franklin, Pattie Labelle, Luther Vandross and Jeffery Osbourne.

Influences from my teenage era would be  Missy ElliottMary J BilgeBrandy, India Arie, Anthony Hamilton, Mario and the Dixie Chicks *yes the Dixie Chicks* lol. They all contributed to my unique sound because they all have their own unique sound.

Do you write your own material or do you partner with someone?

Yes, I write all of my music and that is the best part of being an artist to me. I’m able to feel what i’m singing which helps my listeners feel it as well. I write music from different points of view. I want everyone to be able to relate to my music.

What unique ability or skills do you have that make you stand out from other artist?

I took on acting . I’ve worked for the Chicago Black Ensemble Theater which is a musical theater under the Ownership and Direction of Jackie Taylor. Little do you know how much that helps me in  the studio when it comes to projecting my voice onstage as well as when it comes to my stage presence because at the end of the day, when I’m performing my music I am trying to tell a story not with just my voice but also my movement, my actions and getting the crowd involved.  I want to captivate my audience in a way that makes it hard for them to look away.

De La Faye

We are brought into this world to grow and leave our legacy for others.  What is the biggest impact in your life that you want to be remembered for?

MUSIC! It was and still is the biggest impact on my life and its way more to that story but I can honestly say music did save my Life. I was definitely headed down some terrible roads and if it wasn’t for my love for music I really don’t know where I would be at this point in my life, so I will make sure to create music that touches lives like it touched mine. Just Remember me for that.

Your music gives us a sexy R&B Soul feel and we were really drawn to your song “Secret Admire”, What was the inspiration for this song?

That song really hits home for me because its true. Just being in a situation where you want something you can’t have. Playing around with the imagination sometimes can be a dangerous thing, you know this person is involved but never the less you want them to know how you feel.  other than today’s technology: social media, emails, text messages , the best way to formulate feelings way back when was by letter its like that feeling you get for your first crush 🙂

Who would be your dream team be (dead or alive) to make an album with and why?

My dream team would be Missy Elliot and Timberland Hands down! They both are VERY versatile with their craft. I feel like I would be able to embrace all sides of me working with them. That would really be some  next level music. My goal is to get them to produce a whole album with me.

Over the past several years Chicago has been nationally recognized for violence, gangs and corruption. The phrase “Chi-Raq” is being used to describe the violence in Chicago.  How to you feel about Chicago being called Chi-Raq and what can we do to make positive changes in the city?

Well first and foremost, I’ve been in and out of Chicago long enough to know that it deserves better. So no I DO NOT glorify the name chiraq . Of course the name is pertaining to Chicago being a war zone which it definitely is. Mostly because the younger generation has gotten deeply involved in gangs and other activities that is causing them to kill each other for senseless reasons. The city is  closing schools every other day forcing the children to go to school in areas that are unsafe for them. After school they just have WAY to much time on their hands.

Parents are losing their jobs making it hard to provide for their children and give them the proper tools needed for their child to have a good education and keep them off the streets. To many young mothers and fathers with this ” I dont give a F*** mentality. Many say what their going to do to give back then they get the money and the fame and you never hear from them unless they want u out to buy a ticket to their show. I WILL  find ways to reach out to our community and our  youth especially to  ask them personally what their passions and dreams are And create situations where they are able to focus on those goals and dreams somewhere safe that keeps them off the streets and parents don’t have to worry about being able to afford it. Really dig for resources that can help.

Provide personal mentoring from positive role models not just those who are famous but role models within their community and  show them  that there is a better way. I feel there should be a REAL safe haven in every neighborhood where they can go for security when needed. Where food and clothing is provided for those who are TRULY in need.  These kids feel like society has given up on them Bottom line the children are our future  and we have to keep them off the streets in order for them to have one.

De La Faye

When can we expect you to drop some new material and where can your fans find you to connect?

My E.P will be available this July which will be a mixture of music hip hop and R&B you can connect with me on

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