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Is Ex- Danity Kane Member D. Woods Really Planning on Suing Danity Kane?

Is D. Woods former member of Danity Kane Hating?  She stated a few months ago that she was not interested in being a part of Danity Kane because she was working on her own music career and besides they never asked her to come back.  She also stated she was happy for the girls and wished them lots of luck.


Source: Twitter

So why is she now threatening to sue Danity Kane for her share of a group she is no longer a part of?  Is she mad because they moved on without her and are making moves and she feels slighted?

Everyone heard her on the radio declare she didn’t have the time to do the Danity Kane reunion because her plate was full yet she tweeted  that she will be suing them because they are still using her vocals.  This sounds real messy.  D. Woods get at Ear Hustle 411 and tell us how you really feel.




Source: Ear Hustle 411






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