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Ebony Magazine’s November Cover Features A “Shattered” Black Family Image

Welp!!…looks like Ebony Magazine has drawn the line in the sand.  The new cover for  November  is causing quite a bit of a stir in the social world. The EarHustle411 writing staff really doesn’t know what to make of it.  Is Ebony wrong for doing such a cover or are they on point?

Take a look and tell us your thoughts about the cover.

Read more as reported by NY Daily News:


Ebony Magazine sparked outrage with readers after releasing the cover of their November issue — which featured a fractured image of “The Cosby Show” cast for a story on broken families in the African American community.

The front page came just days after Cosby gave a deposition in Boston for a sexual battery civil lawsuit filed in Los Angeles.

More than 50 women — including models Beverly Johnson and Janice Dickinson — have come forward accusing the comedian of drugging them and, in most cases, sexually assaulting them.

Cosby has maintained through his lawyer that the extramarital affairs over the years or the women’s use of Quaaludes — what he called “disco biscuits” in another deposition — was consensual.

So many Ebony readers were shocked to see the cover story compared to the fictional family in “The Cosby Show” — syndicated episodes of which have been pulled off networks.

Here are some tweets from both outraged and supportive readers:




Source: NY Daily News

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