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East Coast Man Forget To Clear Data On Sold Tablet Which Led To His Arrest For Rape


This is the age of technology and electronic products are easily traded. It is standard that all of the data on the device is erased before its sold or given away. However, in this case not being fully knowledgeable about technology help get a rapist off the street.

A Pennsylvania man faces child rape and child pornography charges because he allegedly left videos of himself abusing an 8-year-old girl on a tablet computer that he sold at a flea market.

The woman who bought the electronic notebook went to police after she found illicit photos and seven videos of a man performing sex acts on the girl, the New Castle News reports. The investigation eventually led to Donald A. Miller, 43, who turned himself in to police in New Castle on Thursday.

The woman, who reportedly paid $225 for the tablet at an Ohio flea market, told police she had discovered the child porn after using the device to take a picture of her daughter. When she looked in the camera folder, she found numerous photos and videos of what she believed was child pornography.

She reportedly told police that the flea market vendor was the man allegedly abusing the girl in the videos.

Officials from Lawrence County Children and Youth Services took custody of the child.

Source: Huffington Post

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