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I believe that some things on history should be kept on he minds of the people.  We live in a very sick world where people regardless of the color (so don’t let the title get your “panties” in a bunch!!) feel as if they have the right to take matters in their own hands.

Blacks have experienced this “right” for many years.  Back in a time when physical lynching was the thing to do, now in 2014 lynching does not take place with a rope and the nearest tree although trees are still used and many have the “paper trail” to prove it!!  We still must not forget those who have succumb to the behaviors of sick and demented people who feel as though their very existence makes them “supreme” to anyone that is NOT LIKE THEM!!!

To continuously go through the routine of trying to get justice when all the facts are clear as a blue sky day on July 25, 1946; only to slapped in the face with unfavorable outcomes.  It’s no wonder why the people are crying that there is NO JUSTICE…..JUST US!!!

To the people who think they are more superior than me or anyone else , I say to you…GET OVER IT AND GET A LIFE!!!

Check out this Black History Fact as reported by Black America Web:

Moore's Ford Lynching

Moore’s Ford Bridge Lynching Marker


The 1946 lynching of two Black sharecropper couples by a vicious White mob has haunted Georgia residents for nearly seven decades. Known as the “Lynching At Moore’s Ford Bridge,” the still-unsolved murder case of George and May Dorsey, and Roger and Dorothy Malcolm has been reopened.

On July 25, 1946, the Dorseys and the Malcolms were headed home after a day of working on a farm in rural Northern Georgia. Mr. Dorsey was a war veteran and was home just nine months after serving in the Pacific War. Mrs. Malcolm was seven months pregnant at the time. Mr. Malcolm was also Mr. Dorsey’s brother-in-law and had just out on bail after stabbing a fellow White farmer just 11 days prior to the lynching.

Reportedly, around 15 to 20 armed White men approached the couples at the bridge, although some rumors say that more than 200 people were involved.

Moore's Ford Road

Moore’s Ford Road

The White lynch mob alleged that Mr. Dorsey was having an affair with a White woman in the town of Monroe, allegedly as the spark for the confrontation. As onlookers watched, the couples were tied to trees, and shot over 60 times. News of the lynching generated national outrage.

Some historians suggest that then-President Harry Truman created the Commission on Civil Rights and its anti-lynching aims as a result of what occurred at Moore’s Ford. The FBI investigated the murders but the townspeople were largely uncooperative.

Even the farm owner who bravely testified that the mob attacked his employees claimed he couldn’t remember the gunmen’s faces. The FBI interviewed over 3,000 people and issued 100 subpoenas in the six-month investigation but couldn’t produce enough evidence for a case.

In 2001, then-Governor Roy Barnes reopened the case with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations. In 2006 and 2008, the FBI joined in the investigations and began collecting forensic evidence from farms in the area. However, those efforts yielded little to help solve the case. In 2013, the NAACP sought the assistance of the U.S. Department of Justice.

For the past nine years, the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials (GABEO) has been reenacting the lynching at an annual community event. State Representative and GABEO President Tony Brooks has been vocal in his attempt to find justice for the couples. It’s believed some of the lynch mob may still be alive.

lynching reenactment

Moore’s Ford Bridge Lynching Reenactment

“In spite of many obstacles, turn-a rounds, and setbacks, we cannot stop this journey for justice, respect, and the enforcement of the law,” said Brooks in a recent statement. “The killings of our people cannot be overlooked. We must take action.”

Dr. Charles Steele, president and CEO of Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), is planning to build a Moore’s Ford Bridge Museum.

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Source: Black America Web


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