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EarHustle411Funny Bone: Ms. Piggy Killed Her “B***h Better Have My Money” By Rihanna Parody [Video]


EarHustle411 knows that there’s nothing more special than having your craft mimicked by one of the Muppets. Well Rihanna should be patting herself on the back because her latest track “B***h Better Have My Money” was the subject of a parody executed by one of the best to ever do it…Ms Piggy.

A celebrity hasn’t truly arrived until they have been mocked by a Muppet or graced the small screen on Sesame Street. All we can say is DAAANNNG…Rihanna girl you are really “official” now!!!

Check out the video:

EarHustle411 has seen many parodies but this one is by far THE BEST!! Get your funny on and share it with a friend.

Do your thang Ms Piggy!!!

Source: YouTube

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