EarHustle411 Tear Jerker: 6-Year Old Boy Receives A Hero’s Reward For Saving His Father’s Life

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This past week, 6-year-old Xander found his dad James slumped over in his tractor, knocked out behind the wheel when he hit a tree head-on.

“I saw a tree hit him and I runned out there and I helped him turn the tractor off,” Xander said. “His head was cut open and his nose was bleeding a little.”

Realizing the rest of the rescue would prove more than he could handle, Xander used his quick-thinking to run to the neighbors and seek help.

After a week in the hospital and six months of therapy, James and his wife were by Xander’s side as their heroic child received a medal for his bravery. Legendary Indiana University Diving Coach Hobie Billingsley awarded Xander with the Hobies Heroes Award, which is given to young people who perform heroic deeds. Xander is the youngest recipient. “I helped him, I love him,” he said through his tears as he accepted his award. Describing that fateful day was almost too much for the young boy to bear.

Xander’s mom says her husband may not be alive today were it not for their amazing little boy — who grew up riding tractors with his father.

Watch Xander describe his heroic deed for Dad below, and please SHARE this video with your friends on Facebook! Bravo, Xander.

Source: The Little Things

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