EarHustle411Sits Down With Grammy Award Winning Producer Maurice Joshua

For those of you who really know Chicago music will know that Maurice Joshua is ALL CHICAGO ALL THE TIME!! Earhustle411 was so honored to have spent a little time with him at this year’s 2014 Global Mixx where he served as an Honorary Co-ChairMaurice being the talented individual he is, has been a major player in the DJ and remix game and he has most certainly come a very long way since donning his headphones.  A DJ’s most coveted and sacred tool of the trade.

Maurica Joshua

Maurice has worked with the likes of Chantay Savage, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans and has made moves in the realm of  Corporate America as well providing services for MTV, BET, McDonald’s just to name a few.  It is such pleasure to know that a great talent like Maurice Joshua hails from CHI-TOWN, he is such a positive influence on those who aspire to dabble in the field he has chosen to do his life’s works.

Maurice Joshua Grammy

While talking with Maurice and asked how he felt about the violence going on here and in Ferguson, MO he simply stated:

“we need to think about what we are doing…..we can’t talk back to the police and do what we wanna do, we gotta have respect for each other”. 

I can’t say I disagree with him at all, respect is certainly key to everything and unfortunately the black community had been on the ill receiving end of racial disparage for quite some time and we must change ourselves before we can change others.

Maurice dropped a wealth of information on the attendees of his panel and I am 100% positive that not only did they learn something but they also got a much-needed word of encouragement as well.

Maurice Joshua

“Education and knowledge is key, says Maurice…there’s a whole internet out there and there’s no need to be in the dark about anything!!” 

He is definitely right about that, in order to be a player in the game one must know how the game is played!!

Even though Maurice is a respected DJ/Producer he is also a father and when he isn’t in the lab making hits for his counterparts in the industry, he’s being the apple of his daughter Noa’s eye.  Seeing the two of them together give me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside because I know that Maurice is out here grinding night and day just for her.

Earhustle411 would like to thank Maurice Joshua for sitting in the “hot seat” with us and on a personal note I am so proud of my friend, I could never learn enough from him every time I see him I always learn something.

Thank You Maurice for being such a positive influence and inspiration!!

Huggs and Love Maurice, keep on doing what you do!!!

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