EarHustle411 Shares In “The Experience” With Johnny Gill & His New Album “Game Changer”

EarHustle411 had the pleasure of being in the musical company of one of the greatest male artist to every grace the stage and croon a tune.  On Tuesday December 16, 2014 we shared in “The Experience” in an intimate setting with a few hundred or so adoring fans of none other than Mr. Johnny Gill.

EarHustle411 spent the evening with Johnny Gill and Dedry Jones, the originator of “The Experience” where the two sat down in a two comfy leather chair “living room” setting.

Johnny Gill & Dedry Jones

Johnny Gill has been in the music game professionally since 1982 and he has not stopped yet.  Although he’s been singing for most of his life, getting his start in church like so many artists, however it is in the church where Johnny got his grooming and blessings bestowed upon him.  He talked about how he would use the power of his voice to make people “shout” in church.  Well with a voice like he has, we ‘re sure that it didn’t take much effort.

In the short amount of time we were in the presence of this humble man that God gave a voice that could shake any foundation, we were able to learn more about him than most ever could in any interview “live” or “written”.

Johnny Gill tore the house down singing tunes like: My, My, My, Wrap My Body Tight and new tracks from his latest release “Game Changer”.  EarHustle411’s Media Correspondent “Redd” was able to get a few moments of Johnny’s time after the event ended and he signed a few CDs for his adoring fans.

Take a look at “Redd” and Johnny talking about what’s next for him:


Johnny Gill has maintained a successful career and although he doesn’t release back to back albums like some artist do, he still records.  He’s also has enhanced his talents with adding Gospel plays to his credit and lending his voice to several soundtracks.

His new album appropriately titled “Game Changer” is most certainly a bona-fide SMASH!!  Tracks like “Your Body” to which Johnny has recorded a video to accompany the track and “This One’s For Me And You” featuring New Edition, this album has a little something for everyone and the EarHustle411 family guarantee you will NOT be disappointed.

So grab your copy of “Game Changer” wherever your musical needs are met because this album right here ^^^ is certified EarHustle411 Approved!!!

EH411 approved

EarHustle411 has to thank Johnny Gill for sharing a moment of time with us, Dedry Jones for giving EarHustle411 media access to such a memorable event.  We enjoyed our time at “The Experience” and we are for certain Johnny Gill had a blast.

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