EarHustle411 Legal Alert: Massive $5Mil Win For Rihanna Against London Based Clothier Topshop


Twenty-six year Robyn Fenty better known by her stage name Rihanna won a groundbreaking lawsuit in London. Back in 2011 while Rihanna was on set of a music video an independent photographer snapped a picture of Rihanna and Topshop has been selling T-Shirts with that image. Well RiRi and her team were not having it! Rihanna sued Topshop for $5 million and won!

According to BBC “the first ruling of its kind, the Court of Appeal in London ruled Thursday that Topshop was not allowed to sell or market clothing featuring Rihanna without the singer’s permission, thus setting precedent for similar cases in the future.”

Lord Justice Kitchin said “No one may, by the use of any word or name, or in any other way, represent his goods or services as being the goods or services of another person and so cause that other person injury to his goodwill and so damage him in his business,”


Congratulations to RiRi and Roc Nation! They must have a NICE legal team!

I wonder if this will make other stores stop using celebrity images on their products in fear of being sued by celebrities!

What do you think?

Source: Sister2Sister

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