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EarHustle411 Kudos: Chicago’s 31st Street Beach To Be Named After Activist Dr. Margaret Burroughs

Dr. Margaret Burroughs is a person worthy of the honor that will be bestowed upon her legacy. Chicago residents will be able to continue to enjoy lounging at the 31st Street Beach which will now be renamed Dr. Margaret Burroughs Beach.  This is a fantastic move by supporters of Dr. Burroughs.  The beach is located in the historic Bronzville community.  Read more as reported by Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun-Times:

Dr Margaret Burroughs

The Chicago Park District will finally designate the 31st Street Beach and Park as the “Dr. Margaret T. Burroughs Beach & Park.”

U.S. Rep. Bobby L. Rush, D-Ill., had lobbied heavily for the park district to include the harbor as part of the designation but failed to seal that deal.

Instead, the park and beach area, which provided recreation for thousands of residents in the public housing high-rises that once dominated the landscape, will be named for Burroughs, the co-founder of the DuSable Museum and a longtime member of the Chicago Park District.

The city is still trying to sell the naming rights to the harbor to a private company.


Source: Chicago Sun-Times

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