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EarHustle411 Black-Owned Spotlight: Congratulates Gatling’s Chapel, Inc. On 30 Years Of Serving The Chicago Community

It takes a special kind of person to serve the community but in an industry like mortuary services, the field requires one to be compassionate to handle the burial or cremation of a loved ones remains.  Gatling’s Chapel, Inc, a black-owned business has been serving the Chicago community for 30 years.

The organization owned by Lafayette and Marguerite Gatling, Sr., has been one of the most sought after establishments to utilize for services by countless families.  At a time when the City of Chicago is faced with a huge amount of gun violence resulting in deaths, the Gatling’s Chapel, Inc. has opened their doors and hearts and has not let money be the reason why a family’s loved one cannot have a proper burial.

Mr. Gatling, Sr.  provides each and every family that he services with a bible to give the bereaved family something to lean upon during their time of grief.  It may not seem like much but those who believe knows that it’s a book that will get you through any situation good or bad.



photo credit: Gatling’s Chapel, Inc.

Gatling’s Chapel, Inc. designed and built by Lafayette Gatling, Sr.is located at 10133 South Halsted Street in Chicago, Illinois. The Gatling’s Chapel, Inc., employs more than 100 people who all contribute to completing the mission and vision of the organization.  The company holds an average of 2.000 services per year according to its website and is reportedly the largest single black owned funeral home on the United States.

lafayette gatling

photo credit: John Brecher / NBC News

EarHustle411 congratulates Gatling’s Chapel, Inc. on a phenomenal 30 years in business.  We salute you for your compassion, commitment and service as you assist those who grieving and helping them have cherished memories of their loved ones who have gone on to glory.  We pray God’s blessings upon you, your organization and your families.



  1. Marie

    September 26, 2016 at 12:02 AM

    The Gatling’s have an expertly mastered hustle, pretending to be Christians to get people money while putting on the act that they care. If you don’t pay or don’t have the money Mrs. Gatling’s is not going to provide services without you signing documents to collect from whatever they can.Is it true the Gatling sexually assaulted an employee on his personal coach and has been known to have had relationships with employees until Mrs. finds out and have them fired. They have been known to have employee checks bounce, not paying back loans or debts and walked away from a 23 million dollar investment deal with Roanoke Rapids city commissioner in NC where Gatling was raised. So, before you pat these people on the back for the fake public image they have perfected make sure you know who you are promoting. Everything that glitters isn’t gold. Because they are older, go around singing gospel and putting on a good performance they are not who they portray themselves to be.

    • Anonymous

      September 27, 2016 at 4:20 AM

      Marie it seems you have some bitter feelings about Gatliings. If what you’re saying is true them all funeral homes would be an “expertly mastered” hustle. Second what business do you think would allow a service to be performed with out being paid for what they provide. Truth is the matter is very simple life and death is expensive. Is cost to be born but no one complains about the hospital bill for the baby but everyone complains about the costs of burial expenses. If people would handle their personal business and get life insurance to bury their loved ones clearly the expertly mastered hustle as you refer to wouldn’t be an issue. In reference to your claims input bounced checks and assaulting employees and all that stuff is information that does not appear to be public knowledge unless you speak from personal experience. The day of the matter is the business has been around for 30 years that in itself deserves to be honored and anything else should have been addressed through the legal system that’s it that’s all. Several people are not what they portray themselves to be and go around sing the gospel claiming to be Christian.

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