Earhutle411 Wishes A Happy Birthday To The Boss – Ms Diana Ross

If your birthday is March 26th you share your birthday with a very special & talented diva.


Diana Ernestine Earle Ross was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  She was actually named Diane but a clerical error on her recorded birth certificate who her name as Diana but to those close to her call her Diane.  Beginning her singing career at the thunder age of 15 when she was brought to the attention of The Primes (a Doo Wop Group) manager Milton Jenkins who was convinced to make her a member of the Primettes the Primes sister group who included at that time Florence Ballard & Betty McGlown.  The Primettes auditioned for Motown but was turned due to the group had not graduated high school.  Diana’s persistence and drive made her a face to be seen around “Hitsville”.  Soon after Barry Gordy signed the girl and required a name change to the group.  The ladies settled on being called The Supremes.


Diana Ross had a great career with the Supremes despite rumors of her unfavorable attitude and stepped out on her own as a solo artist with Aint No Mountain High Enough being her first #1 single. Having done a duet Marvin Gaye her Motown label mate, worked on the movie Mahogany, Diane was finally on the road to a successful solo career.  She reached gold record status with her albums Surrender & 3 years later with The Boss.  Ross has garnered several hits in her career including the disco charged hit Love Hangover.

Ross had more success after teaming up with Chic’s Niles Rodgers & Bernard Edwards to record her self-titled album Diana which spawned hits like Upside Down and I’m Coming Out which would be her final album on the Motown label.  She signed with RCA for a record-setting $20 million.  With music in full swing and a movies like Mahogany and The Wiz under her belt, Diana Ross was leading the high life.

This diva has made more songs and performed in numerous televisions shows, traveled the world singing songs of yesteryear to the present, she has mod certainly earned the title of being “The Boss” and a Diva paving the way for some of the music industry’s finest female singers.


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