EarHustle 411 Exclusive: John Doe of Powermove Promotions Weighs In On The Chiraq Soundtrack Controversy

EarHustle411 and the writing staff has been paying close attention to the controversy surrounding the making of Chiraq by Spike Lee.  Since his arrival in our fair city it seems like the lines have been drawn and the people have chosen a side.  Whether it’s a “for” or “against” the production of the film, it’s going to get done.   The latest controversy surrounding the film has come out about the soundtrack.  There had been some outspoken discord about the submissions where a Chicago Native & well-respected DJ who was given an opportunity to collect said submissions.

According to what’s been buzzing around Social Media, the DJ was being blasted for charging for submissions and unfortunately this was not something that should have been taking place.  The DJ has since apologized for his involvement and subsequent error, however it does not seem to be sitting well with some of the local artists.

So an interview request was submitted to EarHustle411 by a well-respected promoter named John Doe of Powermove Promotions, LLC,  who had been receiving communications about the situation.  EarHustle411 met John Doe in his office where he was given an opportunity to weigh in and share his thoughts on the situation, the movie as well as the soundtrack controversy:

john doe

Take a look at our Exclusive Interview Parts 1 & 2 with John Doe of Powermove Promotions, LLC’s :



EarHustle411 thanks John Doe for his time and being very candid with us as we tried to gain some additional information and understanding regarding the ChiRaq soundtrack situation and the submissions process by which DJ Slugo became under fire.


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1 Comment

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