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Chicago: Ear Hustle 411 Support System Pick of the Day!!!

Hello Chicago, His is Art “Chat Daddy” Sims,  he have been a viable member of Chicago media for 18 years. In March of 2010, he was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous  Leukemia.


He’s currently in remission, but his condition requires extensive medical treatment and ongoing cancer drug prescriptions. One of his  treatments that has kept him going is a Cancer drug named Tasigna, which is over $10,000 a month without insurance.


Thank goodness he has insurance but his monthly co-pays are in the thousands every month.

As you can imagine, the cost of my medical care is not only a huge financial burden it is highly stressful for an individual.

Any contribution you give will be greatly appreciated, and it will help him to focus on getting well. If you copy and past the link below into your browser, it will take you to his Go Fund me page where every little bit counts.

” We are our brothers Keeper”


Ear Hustle 411 would like to thank you in advance for your support.


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