Drugs, Weapons & Cash Found At Home Of Former Pittsburgh Steeler

This is one of those tenants gone bad posts, unfortunately it happens all to often someone rents their property to “supposed” good people and they turn out to be the tenants from the underworld.  I believe that is what Pittsburgh Steeler player Deshea Townsend is thinking.  Well you never know what kind of tenants you are gonna get, when you rent property you got to stay on top of what is going on.

Read the story as reported by NBC News:

1,500 bricks of heroin, 16 firearms, $100K seized from home owned by former Steeler


Two men were arrested Monday after police seized 1,500 bricks of heroin and 16 firearms from a home on Mt. Washington owned by former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Deshea Townsend.

Investigators said 33-year-old Price Montgomery and 35-year-old James Perrin were arrested during the bust.

Police said they also seized $100,000 in cash and jewelry, two luxury vehicles, Cuban cigars and a live chicken.

Authorities said Montgomery is one of the area’s biggest heroin dealers, along with his alleged partner Perrin.

Investigators told Channel 11 News that the Williams Street home was simply owned by Townsend. He has not been charged with any wrongdoing.

  • Townsend’s attorney released a statement Monday night.CLICK HERE to read the statement in its entirety.


In addition to the statement, Townsend said Monday that he has instructed the rental agency to file the necessary paperwork for legal eviction process.

John Rizzo, who lives next door, said he hasn’t seen Townsend around in months. However, he said he noticed a lot of traffic in and out of the home.

“Different times of day and night, (people) were going in. But, like I said, I never made anything of it. They didn’t bother anybody. I’m surprised,” Rizzo said.

Source: NBC News


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