Drake in Disguise While Keeping His Ears To the Streets, Watch How Unsuspecting People Dis Him!!!

Drake’s used to being interviewed but on April 11, he was sent out to conduct the interviews. Wearing a head-to-toe disguise, he hit the streets and asked pedestrians what they thought of Drake! Watch the video here!

During a skit on Jimmy Kimmel LiveDrake headed outside on Hollywood Blvd. to conduct “Lie Witness News” interviews. Wearing a mustache, beard and glasses, Drizzy asked random people on the street what they thought of the rapper, how he did hosting the ESPYs — which doesn’t happen until July 16 — and even made one fan’s day.

Drake Disguises Himself For ‘Lie Witness News’ On ‘Kimmel’

When taking the street, he started by asking pedestrians what they thought about him hosting the ESPYs. While he will be hosting this summer, he hadn’t yet — and people acted like he already did!

I think he definitely killed it, he did an awesome performance,” one guy responded. However, not everyone was so nice — another said that Drake “says that he came from the bottom, which most likely he didn’t,” while a different man called him a “chicken head.”

However, one of the best was when Fake Drake asked a man carrying a guitar how he thought Drake did as a host. “I don’t like Drake, I think he’s an actor, he’s not a real rapper,” disguised Drake said he agreed and then asked him to sing a song dissing Drake, which he agreed to!

“Drake hey I think you suck, maybe you should try to actually play an instrument bro. Stop acting, you suck,” he sang!

Fake Drake then joked with a female fan about Drake’s plan to perform at Coachella and air a sex tape on the screen (which to our knowledge, isn’t true.) She says that she’s not excited, but that does sound like a Drake thing to do, because “they all do that kind of thing!”

Drake Shocks A Fan

At the end of his on the street interviews, he went back to the first guy he spoke with — who said he had an awesome performance. Drake asks the fan, “What would you say to Drake if Drake was here right now?”

The fan told him that he’d ask for a photo and that he’s a huge fan — he even called “Trophies” his favorite song and while he tried to sing a verse, Drake took his disguise off revealing that he was Drake. The kid’s reaction is priceless!



Source:  Hollywoodlife.com





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