Donald Trump Faces Backlash From Racist And Inaccurate Crime Stats Tweet

Donald, Donald…DONALD!!! When will this man’s mouth ever close!! We as the voting public has to truly understand when to stop feeding into the mess that politicians keep up as part of their campaigning. We also have to pay close attention as well and know that when a person SHOWS you who they REALLY are we have to believe them. Donald had done that several times and had done it again with his latest crime stats tweet. So if this is the kind of person America wants running the country then so be it otherwise don’t let the shenanigans of the richly incompetent get your britches in a bunch.

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All of us already knew that Donald Trump lacked a filter, but with this racist and grossly inaccurate tweet, with a stereotypical photo of a black man in a gangster costume and fake crime stats that someone literally pulled out of thin air, we now see that Trump will say or do anything to appeal to his racist base.

Trump’s graphic erroneously declared that 81% of white homicide victims are killed by African-Americans. In fact, almost all crime happens within a race and, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, 84% of white murder victims are actually killed by white perpetrators. The graphic was clearly designed to fan the flames of racial stereotypes.

Racist tweet

Photo Credit: Twitter

As the furor over the offensive photo grew, Trump kept on tweeting like it never happened.

A few hours later, it was his most popular tweet of the day.

For nearly six straight months, no matter how racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, or anti-Muslim Trump gets, he has maintained his lead in the polls. In fact, from all indications, it appears the more his public talk resembles that of a white supremacist, the more rabid and entrenched his support gets.

When Trump first entered the race this past June, it was a cute punchline to most Americans.

Now, just about 70 days away from the first Republican primary, the joke is on us. While we are all dismissive of his candidacy, a deeply problematic demographic of America has grown to love Trump, not in spite of what we all saw as unelectable gaffes, but because of them.

Whether we like it or not, the horrific white supremacy of Donald Trump is a reflection of a very real portion of America.

Worse than David Duke, he is the most racist, offensive presidential candidate in modern American history… and he’s in the lead.

Source: NY Daily News

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