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Who Doesn’t Love A Well Dressed Man? Get Twisted Fashion

dressed man

Fashion will always inspire, rain in new trends an bring about new them. There are more daring looks for men these days…….with the return of more skinny/slim cuts, dressing for comfort seems to be the look most men are going for these days.

But to be a well-dressed man a “traditional look”….. yes I said it ……..(traditional) is best this silhouette is solid and it always works. This is what sets a well-dressed man apart from all others.

When a man possesses confidence and a heightened sense of style; he is said to be a well-dressed man. Now since clothing covers 90% of a man’s body, it is important to understand the role it plays in how one is perceived.

We must first establish what types of thing qualify one as a well-dressed man.But before we do that ,let me give you some of the tell-tell signs of a man that has yet to learn the style of dress.

 well dressed man

  • Collar is to big and his shirt looks cheap
  • If his sleeves extend pass the palms of  hands
  • He has suits that has four or more buttons
  •  He  buttons all of the buttons on his suit
  • If his tie is to short or to long
  •  And my personal favorite; he has know ideal what a pocket square is.

With that being said, the well-dressed man knows that his collar should only be one finger big and his shirt should fit close to his body. He will also know exactly were his tie should land (in the of middle of he’s belt buckle) anything more or less would be ridiculous.

A well-dressed man never goes without a tie bar; he knows that the tie should never be out of place because this would ruin the look.

A well-dressed man will always pick a shoe that exudes class and style. A shoe can make or break a suit; knowing what type of shoe best  complements a suit……priceless

Well dressed man

Never slack on a great pair of shoes, invest in a pair of Oxfords, Wingtips….and it want hurt to add a pair of brogues, loafers and a great pair of dress boots to the wardrobe.

The well-dressed man will always complete his look with a pocket square.

A well-dress man understands the power of color, he knows that certain colors and patterns will grab our attention. they also affect our emotions so it’s important to understand witch colors and patterns best work for you.

Knowing what message you want to send, as a well-dressed men putting on a navy blue pin-striped suit with  contrasting cuffs and collar with a gold or red tie………power and authority.

If you are going on an interview, try a brown suit with a earth tone shirt add a light colored tie this screams……..trust.

Understand that you just conveyed two different messages; the use of color and patterns are important in one’s wardrobe, this is something a well-dressed man knows all-to-well.

The well-dressed man knows that his pants should never past the the top of the heel of his shoes, his suit is never baggie he always stands out, he always has an excellent tailor……. on speed dial.

well dressed man

Now some say a pointy toed shoe or a square toe shoe, is not for the one who wants to be in the category of a well-dressed man. And in must cases I would agree, but as a Designer I do find them useful in creating certain looks……… With a pair of dark jeans and a great bow tie the square-toe shoe gives that  look a dresser appearance. For the inner-city man this look is what’s preferred and when done right , Its a well put together look……swag

Know that a well-dress man is disciplined and he can arrange his outfits to meet every need from 7am to late night…..trust he can go from the office to a business meeting  and out for drinks after work.

well dressed man

The well-dressed man knows that the first impressions is powerful, within a few seconds we will categorize an individual based on what we see, without even speaking to them. Because we pick-up on key features and we need to make sense of what we are seeing. Being human we then associate that look with that person.

I’m glad to see more men today dressing to impress. Creating a sense of pride in who they are …… Saying no to wearing there pants at half mass. Saying yes to individuality and style, showing young men of today that there is a more classy way of presenting their style.

well dressed man

Yes it dose matter how you dress, and being a well dressed man  is a perfect way to express that. So knowing the importance of dress, should create a sense of urgency in the way you get dressed from now-on.

*Special thanks to all the well-dressed men in these photos every day people looking their best*


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