Does Lily Allen’s New Video Promote Negative Stereotypes Towards Black Women?

Lily Alen is a British born singer whose latest music video is stirring up controversy.  Many are saying that she is throwing jabs at black women and adding to the traditional stereotype where other are just saying it’s just good fun.  They lyrics and the black women she chose to put in the video are the epidemy of the negative stereotypes already pegged against black women.

“Don’t need to shake my Azz for you cuz I’ve got a brain”

“When boys be talkin’ bout their bitches no one’s making a fuss”

“You know it’s hard out here for a Bitch”

Lily Allen has denied accusations that her new music video is racist, insisting that Hard Out Here’s scantily clad black and Asian dancers were chosen for their twerking skills, not the colour of their skin.


Criticism of Allen’s video followed almost immediately after its release on Tuesday, with several bloggers and numerous tweeters calling out Hard Out Here’s “denigration of black female bodies”. While Allen’s new video sets out to be a feminist critique of the entertainment industry, the principal action involves Allen and a coterie of writhing black dancers and slo-mo shots of champagne being poured over the dancer’s bodies.

Ear Hustle 411 invites you to check out the video and you decide!!!!




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