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Disturbing Videos Surfaced Of Evil Libyan Slave Owners Posting Videos Torturing Their Captors


You have to ask yourself how the UN and the rest of the world can sit back and allow this barbaric abuse of humankind to take place and not say a word.  How is it all of a sudden since the Slave Trade has taken storm, you barely see it in the news and all blogs have been blocked from social media from showing the world what is taking place.

One video shows an African man being burned with a blow torch while he is naked and the other shows Africans lined up and getting the skin beat off their backs.

It makes you wonder who is really behind the madness.  See what is reported by MTO News

There’s a very DISTURBING WEBSITE that popped up in the Middle East – where Libyan “slavers” are posting videos online.

The videos show the EVIL ARAB SLAVERS torturing their captives – for doing such MINOR offenses as talking back to their captors.

The situation in Libya is getting worse and worse – it may be time for the United States to STEP IN AND GET INVOLVED.





Source:  MTO News

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