Disturbing Video Of A Girl In A Trump Mask Singing Kill All Ni**ers, Hang All Ni**ers Has Gone Viral & Police Open An Investigation

Disturbing Video Of A Girl In A Trump Mask Singing Kill All Ni**ers, Hang All Ni*ers Have Gone Viral, Police Open An Investigation

A racist Trump supporter attending Old Dominion University just proved in one video why colleges need to get tougher on hate speech.

In the video, an unknown student who has her face covered the entire time by symbols associated with white supremacists is recording a crudely written rap song about committing hate crimes against black people, and celebrating genocide. She wears several costumes throughout the two-and-a-half minute display of hatred, including a shirt with a picture of Donald Trump that read, “My president is white.” She also wears a Trump mask.
Fuck MLK i’m glad he got shot in the head,” the girl said in one line. “All you wanna do is collect welfare and get on section 8 and have babies and sit around.”

I hope Trump puts ya’ll n***rs back in the boats, before we purge and hand you n***ers and put you back in the ropes,” she added.

The girl posted the video to Facebook and YouTube, but the posts were later taken down due to the hate speech it contained.

You can watch the video below, but we don’t advise it unless you’re ready to have your day ruined.
Both Old Dominion University President John R. Broderick and Student Government President Rachael Edmonds denounced the video in a joint statement posted to the university’s website. They also announced that the video is under an official criminal investigation.

“We understand that hateful words and messages cause harm, and our beloved university community stands together to support each other,” the statement reads. “Our Counseling Center is open to anyone who needs support and the Office of Intercultural Relations staff are available to all who would like to engage in discussion and in support of one another.”

The student in the video has not yet been publicly identified as of this writing.

Source: US Uncut
Originator: Tom Cahill

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