Did Ciara & Russell Wilson Secretly Apply For A Marriage License?

Did Ciara & Russell Wilson Secretly Apply For A Marriage License?

Ciara and Russell Wilson have been facing some social media scrutiny from many of Futures fans regarding the relationship Russell has with Ciara and Futures son.

Ear Hustle 411 got wind of some news via Ricky Smiley Morning Show that the two have allegedly applied for a marriage license which we think is a beautiful thing.

Russell Wilson appears to be a man of self respect and dignity so why all the hoopla about him being around Futures son?  Could it be that he is a man of character and leadership and Future feels he will show his son how a man is really supposed to treat his mother?

Check out what The Ricky Smiley Morning Show Reported:

Rumor has it that Ciara and Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson have applied for a marriage license, after only six months together as a couple.

From an inside source, “marriage licenses have been applied for and they already have purchased a house and a yacht. Ciara already is living in Seattle, and she’s not getting any younger”said our source regarding their plans to marry.

Ciara and her new boo claim that they’ve been abstaining from sex until marriage, and Wilson has been getting along well with Ciara’s son, much to her ex Future’s chagrin. They can’t seem to stop talking about each other, and they look absolutely adorable together when we see them out and about, but um, if this is true, is this too soon?


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Source:  Rickysmileymorningshow

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